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Viva Starlove

Sunstone 108 Mala Beads Necklace Option Bracelet Set

Sunstone 108 Mala Beads Necklace Option Bracelet Set

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Corresponding to the solar plexus chakra, it aids in healing heavy or repressed emotions while transmuting energy within the solar plexus. It fosters positivity, enhances intuition, boosts self-worth, and inspires confidence, optimism, and enthusiasm. Clearing all chakras, invites in light and energy, allowing one's true self to shine joyfully. Additionally, it assists in releasing energy attachments, whether located within the chakras or the aura, often originating from mental or emotional connections with others. This crystal facilitates connection with the sun's light and regenerative power, both during meditation and in everyday life.

  • Handmade Beautifully with Higher Quality By Showboho, Meticulously Knotted To Ensure Durability and Longevity.
  • Use for Meditation, Yoga, Energy Healing, or Daily Accessory Wear
  • Material: Semi-precious Natural Sunstone
  • 108 Bead Count, 8mm Bead Size.
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