About Us

About Viva Starlove Website

The Viva Starlove website launched on the Shopify platform on March 13th, 2024. Our mission is to create a new age spiritual online space offering insightful blogs and recommended products aligned with our values of universal love and star creation healing intention.

Viva Starlove is a registered sole trader business based in Melbourne, Australia, established since February 22nd, 2022. When we refer to 'our,' 'we,' and 'us,' we are defining the Viva Starlove website, the Viva Starlove business name, and Viva as a collective entity managed individually.

Establishing the Viva Starlove business name aimed to provide a recognized identity, ensuring transparency for transactions, product delivery, and service to our like-minded community. By registering under this name, Viva Starlove seeks to foster trust and growth within our community.

Away from the Viva Starlove website, the business name facilitates transparent payment transactions for selling handmade creative products directly to customers and issuing payment invoices for students enrolled in the 7 Fundamentals of Light Concepts course with Viva.

At Viva Starlove, we inspire people to embark on their healing journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Personal Note From the Owner of Viva Starlove:

Viva is the sole owner of the Viva Starlove Website. Viva Starlove is also the nickname used on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and anywhere else online.

Activated with Star DNA Codes of Life, gifted from the Sovereign Love Creation Universe, the original primordial Creation Universe of all Universes, Viva acknowledges her highest Universal Divine Master as Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great FatherGreat CAEAYARONBlue Star Divine Love Element Angel, Archangels, Divine Ascended Masters, Galactic Star Beings of Galactic Federation of Light. She receives Divine Truth Teachings through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is the original Divine Voice.

Upon being Activated with Star DNA Codes of Life, Viva was also gifted with Lemurian Mantles. Additionally, she graduated from CAEAYARON's University of Light, which is Divine's one and only Ascension school. Certified and accredited by CAEAYARON, who is the one and only Cosmos Divine Judge, Viva holds the following gift titled:

💙 Galactic Star Universal Love Sacred World Healer
💛 Galactic Star Universal Love Magnetic Healer (Frequency attuned to highest universal love symbols which are completely different to the Reiki symbols)
💜 Galactic Star Universal Love Teacher

To grasp the significance of these teachings for each individual and understand the highest choices, please visit the original channel of Divine, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, at: 


Note that Viva operates her Viva Starlove business independently and is solely responsible for all her actions. This includes safeguarding her Codes of Life, which hold immense value to her for all eternity. These codes serve as the one-way ticket back to the Sovereign Love Creation Universe, offering Eternal Freedom.

Viva holds profound love for her friends, family, and all those surrounding her life. She contributes to holding the love flows as part of a collective Universal Love Team, aiming to awaken and heal humanity.

In return, Viva seeks forgiveness for herself, the world around her, and daily, from her heart, she holds great hope that the world will awaken to the ultimate truth of universal love, flowing directly from the Sovereign Universal Love Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the true channel of Divine Gateway of Alignment.