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Viva Starlove

Green Jasper Heart Crystal Leather Wrap Bracelets

Green Jasper Heart Crystal Leather Wrap Bracelets

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Discover serenity and balance with the Green Jasper Heart Crystal Leather Wrap Bracelets. Handcrafted with care by KOYSKO, these bracelets combine the soothing energy of green jasper crystals with the timeless elegance of leather.

Alleviate emotional stress, these bracelets infuse calmness and tranquility into your space. They work to release toxic energy and obsessions, purifying and cleansing your aura for a renewed sense of clarity and peace.

Moreover, these bracelets assist in unifying all aspects of life, bringing balance and alignment to your mind, body, and spirit. By stimulating the heart chakra, they gently awaken you to the frequency vibration of universal love, fostering compassion and connection.

Embrace the harmonizing power of these bracelets, with a size estimate of 19.7 inches (50cm), and embark on a journey of inner healing and spiritual growth.

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