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Viva Starlove

Black Tourmaline Raw Stone Crystal

Black Tourmaline Raw Stone Crystal

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Introducing our Black Tourmaline Raw Stone Crystal, a powerful tool for grounding and clearing negative energy. This raw stone crystal disperses tension and stress, creating a protective shield against various forms of electromagnetic pollution, psychic attacks, and negative influences.

With its ability to encourage a positive attitude, stimulate altruism, and enhance practical creativity, this crystal promotes overall well-being and balance. Place it pointed outwards from your body to draw off negative energy or wear it around your neck for continuous protection against electromagnetic fields. For home protection, simply place it in the corner of a room or house to safeguard against energy disturbances.

Available in weights ranging from 15-25g per piece or in packs of 50g, 100g, or 500g, each crystal is of 100% natural quality, ensuring effectiveness and authenticity. Please allow a slight error margin of 1-3mm due to manual measurement.

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