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Viva Starlove

Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Stone Crystal

Natural Black Tourmaline Raw Stone Crystal

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Healing Properties:

  • Protects against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attacks, spells and ill-wishing, and negative energies.
  • Connecting with base chakra, grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension and stress.
  • Clearing negative thoughts.
  • Encourages positive attitude, stimulates altruism and practical creativity.

Healing Methods:

  • Place point-out from the body to draw off negative energy.
  • Wear around your neck or place between yourself and the source of electromagnetics.

Buyer Note:

  • Raw stones are intuitively hand-selected by our supplier.
  • Weight: Available in 15-25g per piece or 50g/100g/500g packs
  • Due to manual measurement, allow a slight error margin of 1-3mm.
  • Variations in color and size may occur due to lighting conditions.
  • The supplier guarantees 100% natural quartz crystal of premium quality.
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